Egyptian doctor discovers a cure for the most dangerous diseases associated with cancer

Dr. Dalia Sheta, Lecturer in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Mansoura Pharmacy, spoke about how she received the American award for the best research project for her discovery of a cure for an infection that affects cancer patients.

Dalia Sheta added during a meeting via Zoom on Ninth with journalist Youssef Al Husseini on Egyptian TV Channel One that she has applied the new treatment to experimental mice and the results have been good and she is currently applying the drug to patient samples with cancer.

And she continued: “The results that I have achieved after applying them to experimental mice are very promising, and this award is very valuable to me.”

And she added: “I am a graduate of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology of the Mansura Pharmacy, and I fell in love with immunity since my studies, and when I graduated, I worked on one of my work projects for two years and applied for a trip. and indeed I have traveled to Germany and so far it is on the strength of Mansura University despite the fact that I have completed my master’s degree in Germany and am currently finishing my PhD.

She indicated that she went to Germany after filing the immunity project, adding: “I still get support from Mansoura University because I am still on its strength and I am trying to put the name of Mansoura University next to international universities abroad. .”

Source: Day Seven