Egyptian government responds to rumors that have caused confusion among young people

The Egyptian Council of Ministers Media Center reported that there are announcements attributed to the Ministry of Manpower claiming that young people can find work in companies outside of Egypt.

The press center of the Council of Ministers appealed to the Ministry of Labor, which denied these reports.

The ministry confirmed that the advertisements circulating attributed to the ministry that claim to provide employment opportunities for young people in companies outside of Egypt are not true, explaining that these advertisements, as well as the websites circulated, are false and fake, and The ministry has nothing to do with them at all.

And she stressed that any new job opportunities outside of Egypt are officially announced through the ministry’s communication channels, whether on the website or the ministry’s official Facebook page, or through direct communication with the General Directorate of External Employment, or the General Administration for Corporate Affairs. Recruitment of foreign workers to the Ministry Headquarters, warning citizens not to go to these fake websites that aim to use their personal data, and all legal action will be taken against the propagandists of these fakes. advertising.

Source: Day Seven