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Egyptian historian: a great story behind the famous Algerian chant – (video)


London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The Egyptian historian and writer, Dr. Adel Saad, told the story of the famous Algerian song, “Uno a tre Viva per Al-Jeri”, in a television interview on “On Time” sports channel, during which he went back over seven decades, to reveal to Egyptian and Arab fans in general, how this song was born from the womb of the revolution of a million martyrs. The radio and television host said: “I searched behind the topic – cheering – and found a very beautiful story behind it”, praising the association of the Rai emperors with Algerian football, such as Cheb Hosni Chakroun, who played with the Oran Club, and like him Dahmane El Harrachi, owner of the song “Ittihad El Harrachi.” , he then stopped at the revolutionary message, which was then modified to sing “one to three”. Saad explained that after the success of the message “we want be free “and Algeria gained independence in the 1950s, the desert warriors tried to find themselves in the world of football, and the real beginning was in the first half of the 1970s, when they defeated Sheffield United, England, 3-1, then came the match that brought Cheering, the final of the 1975 Mediterranean Games at the “5 July” stadium against the French national team. The historian referred to the hidden hostility between Algeria and France, saying: “The only Algerian anthem in the world that speaks of the colonial country”, pointing out that after Algeria’s second goal in the cock net, which was scored by what described as “the king of the last minutes”, Omar Batrouni, with whom came the exultation that shook the stadium “One to three Viva L’Algerie” of the stadium with the same weight as the message of freedom of the fifties , and has since become the favorite and most famous song for fans. It should be noted that the Algerian national team will fly in Cameroon before January 9th, to start the campaign to defend the title of the African Nations Championship, where he will face Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea and Ivory Coast for the benefit of Group E.

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