Egyptian imports are affected by the application of standard Europeans?

Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Maait said there is no intention to postpone the mandatory implementation of the ACI pre-registration system for shipments, and no goods shipped from abroad will be allowed to enter Egyptian ports, starting October 1. , except through this system.

The pilot system for the pre-registration of shipments started on 1 April 2021.

The mandatory implementation was scheduled for 1 July 2021, but the trial period has been extended until the end of next September to give importers and their agents of customs agents, companies that export one last chance. in Egypt and international multinationals to register with the new system, and conduct more experiments to achieve the desired harmony among the importers those dealing with them are foreign exporters; This will contribute to the success of this new system in a way that facilitates and automates procedures.

On the other hand, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi claimed that the standard European Union will apply to all imported materials and the state will not place any goods for importers unless they meet the standard.

Ahmed Shiha, former head of the Importers Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, told Al Arabiya that the standard Europeans consists of certificates issued by international organizations with quality specifications for goods that have been exported and that companies must comply with standard emerging from international institutions in Europe, America and Canada.

He added that the implementation and emphasis of tale decision gives Egyptian citizens reassurance about the quality of the products they get and that tale measure will reduce smuggling operations.

He stressed that imports will increase in significantly, because 85% of Egyptian imports are production requirements, intermediate goods and production lines and, with the large infrastructure of ports and roads, Egypt will become the center of world attention and lead international trade.

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