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Egyptian Ministry of Finance releases statement on Egyptian pound

The media observatory of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance has confirmed that there are fake pages and fake accounts that attribute false claims about the Egyptian pound to Finance Minister Mohamed Maait.

The Ministry of Finance Media Observatory confirmed that the Ministry of Finance is in charge of financial policy and the Central Bank is in charge of monetary policy, explaining that there is strong coordination between the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, as in the case of the Committee on Monetary and Financial Policy, which closely monitors all global and local economic events in order to address them; Thus, to serve the interests of the Egyptian economy and mitigate the effects of the current global crisis on the Egyptian economy.

The Media Observatory of the Ministry of Finance urged the media to verify the authenticity and obtain information from their competent sources before publishing any news related to the Ministry of Finance. To establish the truth and prevent any confusion, and this is based on national responsibility.

And Egyptian Finance Minister Mohamed Maait revealed the truth about what was circulated on social media about the rise in the price of the US dollar against the Egyptian pound and reaching up to 40 pounds.

Maite said this in a telephone conversation with the Facts and Secrets program on Thursday evening. There are rumors that have been running in the last few hours that the price of the dollar will reach 40 pounds.

“This is an unfounded rumor,” he commented. Pointing out that most of these rumors come from abroad with the aim of undermining the stability of the state, in light of the global crises that the world is facing.

And the finance minister commented: “I hope 2023 will be a year of stability, be it security or economic.”

Source: RT


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