Egyptian Ministry of Procurement Unveils Updated Prices for 31 Items

The Ministry of Supply and Domestic Trade in Egypt has begun disbursing goods for the month of May in course to the 64 million beneficiaries of ration cards nationwide through 40,000 outlets of consumer complexes, “badalin” and outlets of my association, in addition to the beneficiaries of the extraordinary social contribution for the benefit of 36 million citizens of the most favoritemaking 31 assets available.

The Minister of Supply and Domestic Trade, Dr. Ali Al-Muslehi, confirmed today, Monday, in a press release, that all the goods needed by citizens are available at the points of sale.

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Al-Moselhi added that the value of goods supplied monthly amounts to £4 billion, plus £833 million for the additional support package benefiting the 36 million first aid beneficiaries, over a 6-month period.

The minister stressed that the groups eligible for this increase are the most needy families and include those with monthly incomes of less than £2,700, those with a pension of less than £2,500, the third category, beneficiaries of solidarity and dignity, and those with social security pension.

The minister revealed that current conditions and high inflation rates are prompting the ministry to gradually shift commodity prices prime of ration during the next period, explaining that the prices of materials prime they have not been moved since last December, in order to continue to supply goods, noting that these goods whose prices have been increased include sugar and oil, rice and cheese.

The minister explained that the price shift of ration card goods aims to make the goods available on the market and eliminate the price imbalance.

He pointed out that the existence of price differences between subsidized and free ration card products in outlets creates problems in the supply of products, pointing out that the ministry supplies 31 products within the list of rationing system, and they include products staples such as oil, sugar, rice and pasta, as well as various other commodities such as milk in powder, cheese and gravy, vinegar, flour, tuna, jam, plus lentils and beans.

For his part, the head of the food division of the Giza Chamber of Commerce, Hisham Al-Degwi, said that the delivery of food supplies for the month of May is carried out through the association’s 2,000 groceries, 630 outlets, as well as 16 consumer branch complexes and 66 automobiles of raw materials prime for young graduates, adding that outlets The ration grocer spent the first replacement at 25% of the monthly bond.

As regards the increase in the prices of subsidized goods for the month of May, El-Degwa stated that these are indicative prices, and the citizen does not pay any economic consideration to obtain them, specifying that the card for 4 people obtains the subsidy at a value price of 200 lire, and you spend 4 oil and 6 sugar, and just in case in who benefit from the exceptional grant approved by the President of the Republic will receive an additional item.

Al-Digwi explained that the price of rationed oil was raised from 25 to 30 pounds per 800ml weight, sugar from 10.5 to 12.6 pounds per kilo and rice from 10.5 to 12. 6 pounds per kilo.

The price list of foodstuffs for the month of May 2023, which includes 31 commodities, was as follows:

1- 1 kg packaged sugar, at 12.60 pounds.

2 – Mixed oil 800ml, priced at £30.

3- 1 kg packaged rice, at 12.60 pounds.

4- Pasta 800 g, at 13 lbs.

5- Pasta 400 g, at 6.50 lbs.

6- Mashed lentils, 500 g, to 21 lbs.

7- Packed Beans 500g to £9.

8- Packaged flour in paper or plastic, 1 kg, to 18 lbs.

9- 800 grams of artificial entertainment, at 36 pounds.

10- Soft tea, 40 g, priced at 5 pounds.

11- Salsa 300 g to 8 lbs.

12- Chopped tuna, weighing 140 grams, at 18 lbs.

13- Jam, 350 grams, at 16 lbs.

14- Tetra Pak cheese 250g, priced at £14.

15- Tetra Pak cheese 125g, priced at £7.

16- Automatic powder, 800 kg, priced at £25.

17- Regular hand powder, 800 g, at 16 lbs.

18- Laundry soap 125g to £3.

19- Toilet soap 125g, priced at £7.50.

20- Milk in powder 125 g, at 25.50 lbs.

21- Vinegar 5% 900ml, priced at £6.

22- A bag of table salt, 300 g, at 1.25 lbs.

23- A simple halva bar, 40 g, priced at 3 pounds.

24- A bag of washing up liquid, 80 g, priced at 3 pounds.

25- Plain Yoyos Cookies, £1.50.

26- Yoyos biscuits and wafers, priced at £2.75.

27- Tomorrow’s biscuits, £3.75.

28- Boo biscuits, £3.75.

29- White Tahini, a 140 gram bag, at £2.50.

30- Instant coffee, 18 g, to 4 lbs.

31- A box of chicken broth, 8 cubes, at 6 pounds.

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