Egyptian pilots cited in opinion the promoters of the rumor about the plane crash due to the leader’s cigarette

The Egyptian Pilots Association has announced that it will sue the promoters of the rumor of the downing of the EgyptAir plane because of its pilot’s cigarette, announcing that it will take whatever is necessary to preserve the reputation of the Egyptian pilot.

Khaled Refaat, head of the Egyptian Airlines Pilots Association, pointed out that the Egyptian pilot’s reputation is a red line and the harmful arguments and allegations that are raised from time to time. in time globally will not be allowed, noting that the pilot is the backbone of the aviation industry in Egypt and the world.

In response to information recently published in international newspapers about the EgyptAir flight 804 crash in 2016, he said the association will take all necessary legal measures to preserve the reputation of the cabin crew and the Egyptian pilot. in general, after the commission of inquiry into the accident finished preparing the final report.

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He explained that the oxygen box inside the cockpit is designed with high-techtech and is located in a safe place, indicating that the pilot uses it only when there are problems and emergencies with atmospheric pressure.

He said the flight crew were qualified pilots on the A320 model and that they were non-smokers in first, which leads to everything that has been said recently.

And the story of the crash of an EgyptAir plane years ago due to a cigarette has made a comeback, according to reports. media international.

Egyptian sources responded to what is circulating and revealed that the captain of EgyptAir Flight 804 does not smoke at all for any type of cigarette.

He also adds that the report issued by foreign investigative bodies according to which the plane crash was caused by a cigarette that captured the cabin of the plane is illogical and contradicts the investigation of the Egyptian prosecutor, which confirmed the presence of traces of explosive material. on the parts of the Airbus A320 aircraft and the body parts of the victims.

The sources indicated that foreign investigations, mostly French, had previously claimed that the incident was caused by the Egyptian airline’s failure to maintain their planes, explaining that it had been confirmed to all that the matter was not. linked to aircraft maintenance.

He said the investigation conducted by the “French Civil Aviation Safety Office” confirmed that a fire broke out in the cockpit and spread rapidly and caused the plane to lose control, but did not the cause of the fire explained.

The sources believed it possible that the fire was caused by a manufacturing defect or a terrorist act of unknown details, which is the most likely argument, but is not related to lighting a cigarette.

The plane crashed on May 19, 2016 during a flight from Paris to Cairo, killing all 66 people on board.

The plane landed in the Mediterranean Sea, at a depth of 290 km from Alexandria.

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