Egypt’s el-Sisi says managing coronavirus crisis ‘transparently’

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi specified his federal government is handling the coronavirus pandemic with “complete openness” and rejected allegations the infection rate is being lowered.

Egypt has actually taped 33 brand-new coronavirus cases, the health ministry stated on Sunday, raising its total number to 327.


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On Wednesday, the World Health Business (WHO) contacted federal governments throughout the Middle East to be more upcoming with info about new infection infections to include its spread in the area.

” We have actually dealt with the subject because the start and like constantly with full transparency … All health ministry and federal government declarations show the reality we are residing in,” specified el-Sisi in a telecasted address.

” Why would we hide anything from you?” he asked, consisting of those questioning the official information “want to make people feel insecure”.

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” I contact Egyptians to stay at house for 2 more weeks,” he consisted of.

” Help us get over this stage, or the scale of infections will be higher. I say this since the medical meaning of this virus is that it spreads rapidly,” el-Sisi stated in his first public remarks on COVID-19

He stated his federal government has actually allocated 100 billion Egyptian pounds ($ 6.4 bn) to money the technique to face the coronavirus crisis.

Hard steps

Egypt’s military stated a senior officer passed away following his infection from thecoronavirus The armed force stated Major General Khaled Shaltout was contaminated while participating in “sterilisation”, which the armed force has in fact been performing throughout the nation.

The military specified it has actually sterilised and sterilized public organizations and numerous squares in the capital Cairo and other cities to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Shaltout was the highest main contaminated by the infection to date in Egypt.

Egyptian authorities have actually enforced hard steps to limit social interaction in the country of 100 million residents.

They have actually closed universities and schools, purchased coffee shops, dining establishments, clubs, sporting clubs and shopping center to nearby 7pm (17: 00 GMT), and informed great deals of public sector team member to prevent the office.

Egypt on Thursday stopped air traffic till completion of March.

On Saturday, the nation’s spiritual authorities purchased the closure of all churches and mosques and forbade typical prayer events for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Throughout his address, el-Sisi revealed a range of financial actions, consisting of reducing gas and electrical energy rates to markets, and holding off payment of loans for medium-sized and little business.

Other steps included the reserve bank’s allowance of 20 billion Egyptian pounds ($ 1.3 bn) to support the country’s stock market.

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