Eitan Biran’s grandfather interrogated, sent to 5 days of house arrest

Shmuel Peleg, the maternal grandfather of the six-year-old boy who was the only survivor of a cable car crash in North-Italy in May, was questioned by the police on Tuesday and shipped home up to five days of house arrest after he illegally took the grandchild to Israel, The Jerusalem Post has confirmed.

earlier in the day, the boy’s paternal relatives, who were assigned custody of the child, requested family court of law in Tel Aviv to ask for his return.

Eitan Biran was chosen up on Saturday in are Pavia, Italy, home for a routine visit from his grandfather, but later it turned out that the boy had been illegal brought to Israel on An private flight.

Immediately after learning that the child… in Israel, Biran’s Aunt Aya has made a request in Italian court, where an investigation against Peleg for suspected kidnapping had been opened.

Peleg .’s lawyers in Italy has acknowledged that he had brought the boy to Israel and said he had acted on impulse” because he was worried over his grandson’s health and after he was barred from legal proceedings in bandage met the guardianship over the boy.

According to a statement from the Peleg family, Peleg cooperated with the police and answered all questions. He was released for his home under restrictive conditions to and met Friday.

“Eitan’s” arrival in Israel was carried out in a legal one way and after legal consultation,” Peleg said.

Attorney Armando Simbari, who helps paternal aunt in the case, said they had confidence of to get the boy back.

Eitan Biran’s grandfather interrogated, sent to 5 days of house arrestAMIT WITH little Eitan in Milan (credit: FACEBOOK)

“We know there are legal instruments to bring back a child who was taken from him home in this fashion,” he said. “There are international standards…signed by Israel.”

Italian media reported on Tuesday that the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already got in touch met its Israeli counterpart to the issue.

The crash caused the dead of 14 people, of which die from Eitan father, Amit, are mother, Tal Peleg, are one-year-old brother, Tom, and his greatgrandparents, Barbara Cohen Konisky and Itshak Cohen.

The Italian authorities have assigned Eitan’s custody to his aunt Aya, Amit’s sister and a doctor who lives with her familyincluding two daughters around Eitan’s age, in the suburbs of Pavia. the Birán family had moved there five years ago to allow Amit to study medicine.

However, in recent months, harsh controversies have arisen between Eitan’s paternal and maternal relatives, with the latter accuses the former of holding the child “hostage” and of without regard for his Israeli and Jewish identity.
Meanwhile, the Peleg family has hired super communication strategist Ronen Tzur, who in the past was advisor to minister of Defense Benny Gantz.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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