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El Calabozo massacre: Remains of 6 returned 38 years later on


San Vicente, El Salvador – 6 white caskets beinged in a row prior to an altar developed on the outdoor patio location of a home in the Salvadoran neighborhood of Amatitan Abajo.

They held the remains of 6 individuals who were eliminated together with 200 others by Salvadoran soldiers in what has actually been identified the August 1982 El Calabozo massacre.

” We have a good deal of sensations today,” stated Margarita Realegeno Bonilla, who waited almost 38 years to last but not least put to rest her 6 relative, including her fathers and mothers and bro or sis, the youngest who was 8.


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Realegeno Bonilla joined a little worshipers of normally senior males and females who gathered to hold a burial.

” Now that God provides us the chance, we feel much better understanding that they are going to be buried securely,” Realegeno Bonilla notified Al Jazeera.

Friday’s event was one little advance in a decades-long crusade for justice and reparations for victims of the El Calabozo massacre, that consisted of women, kids and the senior.

Fernando Bonilla Realegeno brings a little coffin holding the bones of his daddy Jose Bonilla, who was gotten rid of when Fernando remained in his early20 s, as enjoyed ones get the remains of 6 home members who were eliminated in a1982 massacre[Salvador Melendez/AP Photo]

An estimated75,000 individuals were gotten rid of throughout El Salvador’s civil war, a dispute in between left-wing rebel groups and US-backed state forces that lasted from1980 to1992

After the war, a UN fact commission tape-recorded various criminal activities versus mankind, consisting of needed disappearance, abuse and massacres of unarmed peasants.

Unarmed peasants, consisting of numerous women, kids and senior, left in concern. Soldiers surrounded the community on all sides up till they eventually reached a location along the Amatitan river called El Calabozo, according to survivors.

 EL SALVADOR MASSACRE REMAINS< img alt =" EL SALVADOR MASSACRE REMAINS" src =" %(**************************************** )/24/ % 0A 3765 %(************************************************ )c1f5effa %20401 %20 e84157 %20 ff0ac28459 c %(************************************************ )_18 %(************************************************ )jpg" title =" Margarita Realegeno Bonilla stands merely outside the burial website for her enjoyed ones eliminated in the El Calabozo massacre(** )" >(******* ).

Margarita Realegeno Bonilla stands merely outside the burial website for her enjoyed ones gotten rid of in the El Calabozo massacre [Anna-Cat Brigida/Al Jazeera](******* )

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” They did whatever possible so that the proof would not exist,” stated David Morales, director of tactical lawsuits with San Salvador-based human rights organisation Cristosal and lawyer representing the El Calabozo victims.

“They burned whatever, whatever,” Maria Berta Realegeno mentioned.

Some from the neighborhood, including Margarita(******************** ) Realegeno Bonilla and Maria Berta Realegeno had the ability to leave prior to the operation.

Joaquin Portillo,63,. was shot while running away with his significant other, amongst the Realegeno Bonilla sis. He made it through by playing dead till the soldiers left.

When it was safe, he buried his partner and her home as finest he could. His testimony assisted acknowledge the bodies years later.

” It’s a tip so that we do not forget,” Portillo informed Al Jazeera Friday at the service.
” They were individuals who were unarmed, including kids, and they( the soldiers) didn’t need to do that.”

The caskets of the remains went back to the Realegeno Bonilla home lay as the community prepares to participate in a little event prior to their burial[Anna-Cat Brigida/Al Jazeera]

2 weeks after the massacre, the Salvadoran military notified The Washington Post that it had in fact examined the.
case and discovered no proof of a massacre. To this day, the Salvadoran military protects this position on the case.

Lawyers for the victims at first stepped forward to open a case versus the crooks of the massacre in1992, right after the completing of a peace treaty agreement.

The legal assembly passed an amnesty law because avoided the case from moving on in a Salvadoran court.

In 2016, the nation’s Supreme Court reversed the amnesty law on the premises that it was unconstitutional.

All of this is so difficult for us. What I request is justice and reparations.

Margarita Realegeno Bonilla

Now, legal representatives are waiting on files from the military in order for the case to continue to the trial phase. The files they have actually gotten up till now are inadequate or harmed. The military states that some files do not exist, according to Irene Gomez, a legal representative for the victims.

” This case has in fact been open for 29 years, nevertheless there are still no results.

In August 2019, the nation’s ombudsman gotten in touch with the president to utilize his power to open the military archives and on the attorney basic to examine the case.

The victims’ household contacts the federal government to offer reparations and lead the way for a trial.

” We request justice for the wrongdoers of the massacre,” stated Portillo. “Since it was exceptionally unfair.”

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