Electronic Arts Shuts Down Ridgeline Games, Future Battlefield Single-Player Project Shifts to Criterion Games

Electronic Arts has decided to close the doors of Ridgeline Games, the studio that was set up back in 2021 to develop a single-player Battlefield game. The Seattle-based studio was gearing up for its first project, which was said to be a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe.

Unfortunately, last week it was announced that Marcus Lehto, co-founder of Ridgeline and one of the minds behind Halo, had left the company for personal reasons. In a surprising turn of events, it seems that even Lehto was taken aback by the decision to shut down Ridgeline.

In a statement released by EA Entertainment president Laura Miele, it was confirmed that Ridgeline Games would now be “winding down.” Some employees will be transitioning to Ripple Effect in Los Angeles, a studio working on the multiplayer aspect of the Battlefield series. Criterion Games, known for their work on Need for Speed, will now be in charge of Battlefield’s next single-player project.

Miele expressed enthusiasm for the future of Battlefield, highlighting the dedicated teams and leadership in place to ensure the success of the project. Despite Lehto’s departure, Criterion is ready to take over the single-player development to keep the momentum going.

With the largest Battlefield team ever assembled and a clear vision for the franchise, EA is confident in the future of the series. While Ridgeline Games may be closing its doors, the talent will be joining other studios to continue working on building the next exciting Battlefield experience.

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