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Elizabeth II photographer: Nothing disturbs her .. and it would be a difficult transfer of power

Queen Elizabeth II still fascinates Arthur Edwards despite his close following for decades, as he has photographed the British royal family for the past 45 years for The Sun.

On the eve of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, in occasion of the 70th anniversary of his accession to the throne, Edwards expected the British monarchy to witness a “difficult transition” of power.

How would you describe the character of Queen Elizabeth?

“Nothing ever pisses her off. She’s always been very respectful and outside the whole royal family I’m very nervous with her because she has such a dazzling presence.

He never spoke to the media, so no one really knows what his thoughts are. But you can get limited information by talking to people like him on the dresser.

Every year it goes in holiday at the Balmoral Palace in Scotland, where he remained for three months. I asked her one day: + Why don’t you go somewhere else? +. She replied: + Where can I go? + I told her + You are the queen, you can go wherever you want +. But she told me she liked Balmoral. About her Her assistant to her woman rise and she told me that the queen liked Balmoral because the people there ignored her for the three months in which she has been there.

Walk the gardens around the palace and the staff are busy. If the queen wants to talk to them, they stop and talk to her, but they never stare at her alone. As for the police, they are not visible, so they are not seen. During these three months you become a completely normal person.

The reason she loves dogs and horses is that they don’t know she is the queen.

https: // www.youtube.com / watch? v = LawwDROohEQ

What will happen in the coming months?

“It will be a difficult transition. It will not be easy because everyone knows the Queen. There is on every banknote, every coin, every postage stamp, every letterbox. The Queen is part of our culture and our life. The Prince of Wales does. an amazing job and I know it because I worked closely with him and his wife.

He has been on behalf of the Queen several times recently, and he does it without difficulty and people will see that he is honest and I think they will accept it, but it will not be easy. It happens to a queen who is one of the most illustrious of those who have ascended the throne in this country.

I served during the war. (…]The marriage of three of her children has broken up, and now we have problems with Harry, and she handles it all in so brilliant way. When things get complicated, it appears in TV and addresses the nation, such as when Diana dies or during the Covid pandemic. She is a woman who has her say. .

Like today?

I photographed her last October, she was thin but she looked pretty, she was beautiful. She was with Boris Johnson and she met John Kerry and Bill Gates … she was fine. I stood in walk for an hour, but the next day I was hospitalized in hospital. (…)

Over the past six months she has become very weak and lost a lot of weight. She had alterations to her clothes and sometimes her clothes seemed baggy.

Follow your doctor’s advice. The problem is that it can stay in feet and that he cannot walk when he wants to. I wrote an article in I claimed he used a wheelchair (…). It’s not bad, but it won’t be. (…)

If we don’t see the Queen at the Jubilee celebrations, millions of people will be disappointed. They will come to London to see the concert and the show, but what they really want to see is the queen.


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