Elon Musk detonates “awake mind virus”

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk criticized the “wake” and mocked CNN in an interview with the conservative satire website the Babylon bee, calling political correctness one of the greatest threats to civilization.

in the fire interview, left in wave on On Tuesday night, Musk protested the attempts to cancel comedian Dave Chappelle and said that “virus woke up mind” is “probably one of the greatest threats to modern civilization “.

“It should it’s okay to be fun. Wokeness basically wants to make comedy illegal, which isn’t cool “, said the billionaire, wondering, “We? want a humorless society that is simply widespread with condemnation and hatred? “

In his heart, wakefulness is divisive, exclusive and hateful. Basically it gives meaning people… A shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue

During the interview, Musk also took target CNN in half a news that one of the network’s producers – John Griffin – have been charged with a series of shocking sexual crimes against minors this month.

After one of the hosts suggested that Musk “could be on CNN in this moment “ which is “a real news organization” unlike the Babylon bee, Musk replied, “I’m not perverted enough, I guess.”

Tucker Carlson bursts out in

TO KNOW MORE: Tucker Carlson bursts out in “pedophilia epidemic” on CNN

Griffin was arrested just days after CNN fired host Chris Cuomo amid allegations of sexual misconduct and an investigation into his attempt to defend his brother from similar allegations of harassment. Legal CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin was also placed on leave last year after being caught masturbating during an an online Corporate meeting of the New Yorker.

The Babylon Bee mocked the CNN string of scandals this month with the title, “CNN’s human resources department considers adding ‘Are you a creepy pervert?’ To the job application. “

Tuesday, Musk also he cast a shadow on his companion technology Metaverse by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, commenting, “I think we’re a long way from disappearing into the Metaverse. It sounds just guy of chatty. “

“I do not want to be like some old codger who denies the internet “ Musk said, adding, however, that it is currently “unable to see a compelling Metaverse situation.”

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