Elon Musk: He has started implanting a chip wireless in the human brain within 6 months

Elon Musk said on Wednesday that i test on man using a device wireless developed by his company, Neuralink, which specializes in making brain chips, are expected to start within 6 months, adding that one of the prime targeted applications is to restore eyesight.

The company is developing interfaces for brain chips that it says could give disabled patients the ability to move and communicate again.

Neuralink has been conducting its animal experiments for the last few years and is seeking approval from US regulators to begin trials. test on man.

Musk stated that the prime two targeted applications in human studies using the Neuralink tool will restore vision and enable muscle movement in people with disabilities. “Even if a person has never seen, such as being born blind, we believe we can still restore sight
for him”.

In Neuralink’s last public presentation more than a year ago, the company demonstrated an experiment on a monkey that managed to play a game for computer thinking for herself with the help of a brain chip.

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