Elon Musk opens 2022 with a profit of 34 billion dollars in a day

American businessman Elon Musk made a profit of $ 34 billion on Monday after Tesla shares jumped 13.5% to reach $ 1,199.78 in the first trading session. quest’year.

Musk’s fortune has grown to $ 304 billion and this leap is one of the biggest leaps in wealth achieved in just one day, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos comes in second with a fortune of $ 196 billion, far behind Musk with around $ 108 billion.

These strong gains in Tesla’s stock came after the company beat a record for the delivery of electric vehicles in the fourth quarter, exceeding 308 thousand vehicles, significantly exceeding the estimate media of the analysts of 263 thousand vehicles.

The company’s market valuation returned above $ 1 trillion last month after falling in November and early December.

According to the American business magazine Forbes, Musk’s fortune has not been achieved by anyone else in history.

And in the past year, the billionaires of the world have raised an additional trillion dollars for their fortunes from insane stock prices and valuations, and it has been a different year, especially for the American billionaires who have transformed much of their paper profits. in reality, after collecting stock quotes in an unprecedented way.

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