Elon Musk reveals a new feature within Twitter for users

Twitter will tweak its recently introduced view counting feature, allowing users to turn it off if they wish, company CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet in response to a user’s comment on the new design.

“We’re going to fix the aesthetics and add settings to turn it off, but I think most everyone is going to love it,” Musk said, referring to the tool that lets people know how many times their tweet has been viewed.

Separately, Musk denied a Reuters report on Friday that he had ordered the removal of a Twitter feature, known as “#ThereIsHelp,” that promoted suicide prevention hotlines and other safety resources. Reuters reported, citing sources, that the feature had been missing in recent days.

The billionaire actively interacted with user suggestions on how to improve the video platform social media since its $44 billion acquisition.

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