Business Elon Musk states he plans to send out 1...

Elon Musk states he plans to send out 1 million people to Mars by 2050 by introducing 3 Starship rockets every day and producing ‘a lot of jobs’ on the red world


  • Elon Musk just recently shared details on Twitter about his strategies to send 1 million individuals to Mars by2050
  • The SpaceX creator said there would be “a great deal of tasks” in the city he intends to build on Mars.
  • Musk stated he plans to develop a fleet of 1,000 Starships– the 387- foot rocketship that SpaceX is establishing for deep-space travel– and launch 3 of them each day.
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In a series of tweets on Thursday, Elon Musk exposed brand-new information about his strategy to develop a city of 1 million people on Mars by 2050.

Musk said he wishes to build 1,000 Starships– the towering and ostensibly completely reusable spaceship that SpaceX is developing in South Texas– over 10 years. That’s 100 new Starships annually.

Ultimately, Musk added, the goal is to introduce approximately 3 Starships each day and make the journey to Mars available to any person.

” Needs to be such that anyone can go if they desire, with loans offered for those who do not have money,” Musk wrote.

Inadequate to persuade you to leave Earth behind?

” There will be a lot of tasks on Mars!” he added.

Fleets of Starships to make human beings multi-planetary

spacex starship steel rocket planet mars martian base colony city illustration EFmQFf8UYAEIY0h

An illustration of SpaceX’s planned Starship rockets basing on launch pads of a city on Mars.


In overall, 1,000 Starships could hypothetically carry about 100 megatons of stuff to Mars; that’s the volume Musk has stated he hopes to send to the red planet per year.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 17, 2020

That appears to oppose an earlier tweet in which Musk stated 1,000 Starships would fly to Mars each year, rather than every 26 months.

A Starship model might introduce within months

Musk has stated a new version of a Starship prototype might introduce before the end of March.

spacex starship mark mk 1 mk1 steel spaceship prototype boca chica texas launch site 2019 09 29 GettyImages 1171862750

A model of SpaceX’s Starship rocket, called Mk 1, is seen at the business’s South Texas launch center in Boca Chica on September 28,2019 Future versions of Starship are created to be massive adequate to take people to the moon and Mars.

Loren Elliott/Getty Images

The full Starship launch system would likewise include a 22- story rocket booster called Super Heavy; combined, the whole thing would stand about 387 feet (118 meters) tall.

spacex starhopper starship nasa saturn v apollo mk1 height comparison graphic illustration chart

Samantha Lee/Business Expert.

Both parts are being developed to be fully recyclable. If that vision comes to pass, Musk estimates the cost of a single launch would be just $2 million– that would be numerous times less expensive than the existing expense of releasing a comparable amount of people and cargo into area on any planned or existing rocket (consisting of SpaceX’s own Falcon 9 system).

Musk said in September that he hopes to release a Starship into orbit by mid-2020 and maybe even fly a person in it prior to completion of the year. Gwynne Shotwell, the president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, said throughout a NASA teleconference that the company is “aiming to be able to drop Starship on the lunar surface area in 2022” and fly Japanese tech entrepreneur and billionaire Yusaku Maezawa around the moon in 2023.

However, all of those declarations came prior to the Starship prototype explosion. SpaceX will also need to clear a number of regulative and practical hurdles– including securing the security of residents of Boca Chica Town, which sits within 2 miles of SpaceX’s Texas launch pad– prior to it can introduce any models to orbit.

” Helping to spend for this is why I’m collecting possessions on Earth,” Musk tweeted on Thursday.

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