Elon Musk will pay $ 100 million in damages for three Twitter layoffs

The senior officials, who were fired by Twitter Inc’s Elon Musk, who paid $ 44 billion for the purchase last Thursday, and are CEO and two executives, will receive $ 104 million in end-of-service compensation, in addition to $ 65. million and 200 thousand for the price of the shares they acquired as a reward while working on Twitter in precedence.

According to a calculation conducted by Bloomberg News, the American agency, and published on Friday, the head of legal, trust and security policy, Vijaya Gadde, born 47 years ago in India will receive a salary of $ 17 million, while the share of the chief financial officer, Ned Segal, 61, of America, will reach $ 37 million. The CEO, born in India 38 years ago as Parag Agrawal and who took over the company less than a year ago, receives a compensation of $ 50 million.

Musk, described as the richest man in the world, and founder of the Tesla company for the production of auto Electric, as well as the space services company SpaceX, also bought what the three owned as bonus, at $ 54.20 per share, just as Vijaya Gadi owns 642,000 shares, worth $ 38.8 million, Ned Segal owns 406,000 shares, worth $ 22 million. As for Parag Agrawal, he owns 155 thousand shares, for a value of 8 million and 400 thousand.

Musk also fired American Sean Edgett, the company’s general counsel, but the amount of his compensation and shares is not yet known, according to “Al Arabiya”.net”, what the agency learned from 3 sources of the company, who asked not to be named, and one of them confirmed the control of the 50-year-old Elon Musk, on the most powerful communication platform in the world a few days before the main legislative elections. in America and the presidential election in Brazil.

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