Elvis Merzlikins of the Columbus Blue Jackets asks reporters to let me temporarily “

Columbus Blue Jackets goalkeeper Elvis Merzlikins has a tremendous chance to reach 2020: Joonas Korpisalo, the regular-season start this season, is expected to lose several weeks after suffering a knee injury during the team’s match against of the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday.

The injury gives Merzlikins, a rookie with just 10 NHL games under his belt, an opportunity to help the Blue Jackets reach the playoffs at the start of the season. On this occasion, however, there is additional pressure. Monday’s 25-year-old described the pressure and asked reporters to cover the team to leave him alone while focusing on his best performances.

Merzlikins implied that he had discussed the matter with Columbus coaching staff and front office management before making the request, and regretted that his partner, Korpisalo, was injured longer and hit him in the middle. All-Star caliber period.

“We come to the conclusion that I would like to ask you all to leave me alone,” Merzlikins said. “I just want to focus, I just want to focus on my moment.”

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Columbus originally drafted the Merzlikins in the third round of the 2014 NHL draft, but the native Latvia chose to remain in Europe until this season. He suggested that when he played for his last team – HC Lugano, who played in Switzerland’s top league from 2013-19-19, did not speak to the media during the playoffs, so he could focus on the “world” of the goalkeeper “.

“There is a lot of pressure on me, which is just another pressure on me, I don’t want it,” Mertzlinks said. “I have nine losses if I’m not mistaken. This is my time I just want to try and focus on it Try to play my game and try to finally get to my skin and feel myself. I ask you to let me just for now. “

Merzlikins (0-4-4) has not yet won a win in his eight NHL starts this season. He has 0,889 and 3.41 goals against average. Korpisalo (17-10-4), by comparison, has a winning percentage of 0.913 and 2.49 over the average for the Bue Jackets.

Latvia’s first opportunity to take responsibility, as the new starter of his team comes home on New Year’s Eve against the Florida Phoenicians. Through December 29, the Blue Jackets (17-14-8, 42 points) remain six points clear of the Eastern playoffs, with four teams each and the second wild card spot of the conference.

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