Elvis Presley and Beverly Hillbillies star Donna Douglas the most popular television stars of the 1960s

As Elly May Clampett, Donna was one of the most popular television stars of the 1960s. For two years, The Beverly Hillbillies was the most popular television show in the United States, and it remained so for the entire nine-season run from 1962 to 1971. Even though she had a long career, Donna only appeared in one major motion picture, an epic musical with Elvis Presley in which he got to show off his comedic side.

Elvis made an unusual choice with Frankie and Johnny. The singer and Donna played the lead roles in this lavish historical drama, which took place on a Mississippi riverboat.

All of the stories revolve around Johnny’s gypsy fortune telling, which states that the only person who can bring him good luck is someone who has long, red hair.

On the other hand, Frankie is a blonde and does not like Nelly’s arrival (Nancy Kovack). There are a lot of misunderstandings and mishaps in the movie, which are sandwiched between songs that don’t sound anything like what Elvis was known for.

Elvis Presley and Beverly Hillbillies star Donna Douglas the most popular television stars of the 1960s

Elvis and Beverly Hillbillies star Donna Douglas (Image: GETTY)

Elvis and Donna Douglas in Frankie and Johnny

Elvis and Donna Douglas in Frankie and Johnny (Image: FS )

Donna Douglas in 1965

Donna Douglas in 1965 (Image: GETTY)

Because of this, Petunia, The Gardener’s Daughter, the Frankie, and Johnny were only a moderate success at the box office and failed to recoup their costs.

On the other hand, Elvis met Donna while filming and immediately felt at ease with her.

Afterward, Larry Geller, a friend and fellow hairdresser recalled that “several people believed sparks were flying.”

There were no usual on-set flirtations between Elvis Presley and the two stars as they huddled together during all of the actors’ breaks in deep conversation.

In this individual, he had found someone with whom he could share something very important to him, something he couldn’t get anywhere else.

Also, Geller served as Elvis Presley’s “spiritual adviser” and introduced him to Eastern philosophies that he hadn’t previously been exposed to as a child.

At lunch and breaks, they would engage in deep spiritual discussions with each other. Many people thought sparks were flying between them because of how much they had in common.

“Even though Elvis admired Donna, he only held her in high regard for her professional accomplishments. The two of us would meditate together in her dressing room, and talk about philosophical topics that we had in common. ”

Donna Douglas in 2004

Donna Douglas in 2004 (Image: Getty)

Donna Douglas in The Beverly Hillbillies

Donna Douglas in The Beverly Hillbillies (Image: GETTY)

Nobody at Graceland shared Elvis’ fascination with Eastern spirituality. Ginger Alden, Priscilla’s ex-girlfriend, claimed that she was openly dismissive of his book collection.

On the other hand, Donna shared many of his interests and beliefs.

He added: “Both studied the works of Paramahansaji Yogananda and were close to the president Daya Mat. ”

Paramahansa Yogananda was an Indian monk, yogi, and guru who lived and worked in India. His organization, Self-Realization Fellowship, introduced millions to meditation and Kriya Yoga, even though he died in 1952.

Elvis life and death

Elvis’s life and death (Image: GETTY)

Elvis’ interest in religion and spirituality persisted right up until the end. He was reading Frank O Adams’ The Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus in his bathroom the night before he died.

Over time, Donna found her way back to orthodox Christianity. She was a gospel singer in the Deep South who donated her time and money to Christian school charities. She also published a children’s book with Bible stories.

She earned her degree in children’s ministry from Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, in 1984.

On the other hand, Elly May Clampett remained a constant presence in her life, as evidenced by the numerous state fair appearances and other public appearances she made as to the character over several decades.

In 1993, Donna made headlines for the final time. Curt Wilson and A Nun in the Closet author Curt Wilson have filed a $200 million lawsuit against the makers of Sister Act and their production companies and Creative Artists Agency, claiming that the hit film was based on a story from their book.

They lost the case because they turned down a $1 million settlement offer.

After Mattel produced an Elly May Clampett Barbie doll and used her image in character on the packaging in 2011, she filed a lawsuit against the toy company. Out of court, the case was resolved.

Up until the end, Donna traveled to fan conventions and gave speeches supporting the charitable endeavors she was involved with through her work. She died of pancreatic cancer on January 1, 2015, at the age of 82.

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