“Emaar Yemen” opens an intensive care center in Al Ghaydah Hospital in Al-Mahra

The Saudi development and reconstruction program for Yemen inaugurated the operations and intensive care center at Al Ghaydah General Hospital in Al-Mahra governorate in eastern Yemen on Monday.

The project, which was built on an area of ​​1,000 square meters, includes operating theaters, isolation areas and intensive care rooms, die equipped with 15 ECG machines and vital parameters for follow-up care, 13 recovery and intensive care beds, and around 134 medical products and devices with the aim of die Performance quality in Compliance with regulations and technical standards in In relation to patient safety, chronic health care and infection control.

At the opening, the Yemeni Health Minister Dr. Qassem Buhaibah die Importance of this project in the service of the citizens of Al-Mahra and the neighboring governorates and praised die constant and generous support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia die SDRPY, die one of the fruits of mutual cooperation.

“Emaar Yemen” opens an intensive care center in Al Ghaydah Hospital in Al-Mahra

Al-Mahra Governor Muhammad Ali Yasser also praised die Supported by the SDRPY, stressing that the center is a great building that everyone would benefit from.

For his part, the SDRPY’s Executive Operations Supervisor in the Al-Mahra office, Muhammad Al Hadi, confirmed that die Development projects of the program contribute to die Efficiency of performance and die Quality of the services provided in to increase various important sectors, die directly on die Life of the Yemeni Citizen.

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