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Eminem And Juice WRLD Are Monsters In Surprise New Team-Up


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Eminem and Juice WRLD are beasts on their brand-new cooperation. A brand-new tune called “Godzilla” appears on Em’s surprise album, Music to Be Murdered to, that dropped today (January 17); on it, the two tackle a beastly beat and deliver some one-of-a-kind flows that make it one hell of a tune.

It’s great to hear brand-new Juice WRLD, following his death last December, and on “Godzilla,” he digs into his bag of expertly crafted melodic choruses. However Eminem here remains in another area totally, blacking out over the important so rapidly that it would offer Sonic the Hedgehog a headache.

” Godzilla” begins with a short clip of someone yelling “You’re a monster!” prior to Eminem starts his dark grumble, spitting intensely like he’s chasing after some victim in the middle of a forest during the night. Juice includes a werewolf-like message on the chorus, singing, “You get in my way, I’m gon na feed you to the beast/ I’m typical during the day, but at night, I rely on a monster.”

When Eminem comes back, he cranks up the ear-twisting energy with a rapid-fire verse complete of what Em does best.

Quickly after it dropped on Friday, it rapidly generated controversy due to Em’s lyrics on “Unaccommodating” that recommendation the 2017 Manchester battle at an Ariana Grande show.

Another track called “Darkness” has Eminem rapping from the viewpoint of the shooter behind the 2017 Las Vegas massacre at the Harvest Music Festival. Its accompanying video is shot from the shooter’s perspective, though it ends by appealing for the reform of gun laws.

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