Eminem Honors 50 Cent On Hollywood Walk Of Fame– Eminem Is Happier To Be A Friend Than An ‘Enemy’

Eminem and 50 Cent have actually had each other’s backs for several years. Thursday was no various. Marshall Mathers, likewise called Eminem, was there for the rap artist throughout his Hollywood Walk of Fame event. The rapper-turned-actor’s star was added to the historical sidewalk this Thursday.

Eminem, throughout his speech in honor of the rap artist, specified there were numerous things he didn’t keep in mind from 2002, nevertheless, he might constantly remember the day he met 50Cent Marshall described that Curtis Jackson, likewise called 50 Cent, had a clear “presence” about him when he strolled into the space as if he was predestined for fame.

The rap artist kept in mind that 50 Cent’s character and charm were represented in his music. The Music To Be Murdered By artist explained 50 Cent’s debut record as a “classic,” and likewise applauded his mixtapes throughout the years.

Eminem declared he and Dr. Dre were really satisfied by 50 Cent’s work, and they understood if it impressed them, it was quickly going to impress the world. Marshall went on to state that he was thankful to call 50 Cent his friend, keeping in mind that it was far better to be a friend than an enemy due to the fact that 50 was “relentless.”

Furthermore, Eminem went on to keep in mind much of the star’s achievements, including his hit records, business endeavors, along with his function on Power. Marshall likewise kept in mind how 50 Cent was a pillar of assistance for him throughout the most difficult minutes of his life.

Fans of 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, and Eminem understand that the trio has actually worked carefully together for several years. Dre and Eminem’s acknowledgment of the gifted rap artist played a substantial function in his later success. 50 Cent’s first record, Get Abundant or Pass Away Tryin’ was a substantial hit.


50 Cent later on went on to own a minority stake in the Vitamin Public utility, and likewise ended up being an executive manufacturer of Starz popular series, Power, in which he likewise has a co-starring function. Furthermore, the rap artist has actually accumulated a big social media following of individuals who see the funny in his trolling.

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