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Emirates Investment Authority intends to double its business within 10 years


The Board of Directors of the Emirates Investment Authority has announced the launch of a new strategy to promote the development goals of the state in in line with the “Fifty Princes”, which charted the strategic path of the state during its new session in economic, political and development fields.

The new strategy has the ambitious and deliberate objective of doubling the Authority’s assets over the next ten years, through an investment policy aimed at increasing returns and greater compatibility with the objectives of the national agenda of the State. invest in a set of financial portfolios and vital sectors, as well as through existing companies within the asset strategic assets of the Authority, in addition to investing in new sectors that will get further returns.

Through its new strategy, the agency aspires to increase the volume of investments in the coming years, and thus to align its objectives to effectively contribute to the country’s development process over the next fifty years, committed to continuing to intensify its efforts and improve the capabilities to achieve the strategic goals of the federal government in line with the fifty principles, citing the Emirati news agency Wam.

Based on the new strategy, the agency, through its team, looks with confidence and determination to achieve high financial results and to guarantee long-term and sustainable earnings and returns for the UAE in a way comparable to the international best practices applied by the counterpart agencies in this field.

The agency is also working to attract young and skilled Emirati executives and its new strategy underlines the importance of cooperating with partners and working to build strategic partnerships.

The Emirates Investment Authority plays a key role in consolidating the UAE’s economic position: since its inception in 2007, it has been in able to build and develop a federal investment institution that takes responsibility for the assets assigned to it by the federal government.

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