Emmanuel Sonubi Shares Vulnerable Story of Surviving Heart Failure at Live Performance

Emmanuel Sonubi is an up-and-coming comedian who has supported the likes of Jason Manford and Jon Richardson. He recently sold out show after show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is now taking his hit show Emancipated on tour. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Emmanuel recalled the moment he suffered heart failure on stage, which he described as “terrifying”. He explained how he had gone to the hospital a week before the show with a viral throat infection, but the doctors had said he was ok. However, he started to feel worse and worse in Dubai and managed to finish his stand-up gig when he “should have been in a coma”. He credited his hardwired ability to slow his breathing down and keep calm for saving his life. Emmanuel is now taking his show on tour from March to May, and he feels privileged to be able to perform on stage.