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Emmerdale's Claire King addresses 'hotel room' auditions before landing ITV part


Emmerdale star Claire King, 58, has opened up about her experiences of working with TV producers who she claimed exhibited unusual behaviour when it came to auditions. The actress addressed her experiences of working as a woman in the TV and film industry, which included being asked to audition in “hotel rooms”, adding that she had the confidence and “strength” to walk away when she realised she was in a “dodgy” situation.

I don’t think any job is worth that because I’ve got principles

Claire King

The legendary actress has graced the Dales since 1989 and has now opened up about her experiences with auditioning for film and TV roles

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, the star addressed the caveats that were often placed up on auditions, including having to meet producers in “hotel rooms” instead of a more professional environment.

She said: “I’ve been to several castings where I’ve thought, ‘This isn’t right, why am I in a hotel room? Why aren’t I in an office or a studio?’”

“It’s that big blackmail threat, ‘You won’t get the job unless you . . . ’”, she trailed off.

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Claire King has revealed that she was asked to audition in ‘hotel rooms’ by TV producers (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale actress Claire King said that she would ‘walk out’ of the auditions (Image: GETTY)


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However, the star claimed that she was “strong enough” to walk out the door because of her “principles”.

The star, who plays character Kim Tate in the ITV soap, added: “I don’t think any job is worth that because I’ve got principles. “

“But there’s always someone behind you who will, someone to fill your boots.”

“I was strong enough to say, ‘I don’t need this part that badly, I’m out of here’. I have never been propositioned, because I would never have let it get that far”, she stated.

Earlier this year Noel Clarke was accused by 20 women of sexual misconduct throughout his career (Image: GETTY)

John Barrowman was also accused of exposing himself on the set of Doctor Who (Image: GETTY)

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Additionally, the actress revealed that she had friends with similar experiences of being “propositioned” by figures of authority in the industry, which she said led to “dodgy situations”.

The Emmerdale star’s admission comes following a string of allegations of inappropriate behaviour and misconduct towards actors including Noel Clarke and John Barrowman.

In April the Guardian published accusations from a number of women concerning Doctor Who actor Noel Clarke, claiming that he had acted inappropriately towards female co-stars throughout his career.

In a statement, the actor said he was “deeply sorry” and would seek professional help, while denying the allegations of sexual misconduct.


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The accustions include allegations of groping, harassment and bullying against the star, who has since been stripped of his Bafta membership, as well as broadcasters Sky and ITV pulling and suspending dramas he stars in.

John Barrowman, who also starred in BBC’s Doctor Who, was accused of “inappropriate behaviour” and exposure during his time on the set, leading to a source telling The Sun that his position on Dancing On Ice could be at risk.

They claimed to the publication: “Ever since allegations against John came to light, discussions have been ongoing over his future on the panel of Dancing On Ice.

“But the feeling now is there is no way we can invite him back. ITV has shown they are prepared to act decisively when stars are accused of inappropriate behaviour.”

John has addressed the allegations against him, apologising in a public statement for what he called “tomfoolery” and “high-spirited behaviour”.

Last year Claire opened up about the reason why her return to the Dales was delayed, despite the show’s return to viewers’ screens amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After being diagnosed with arthritis in the 1990s, the small-screen star revealed that she was one of the cast members who was unable to return to filming when scheduled due to being classed as vulnerable in the pandemic.

Claire explained that her “immune system has been compromised” which could potentially put her at a higher risk of infection.

Speaking to OK! magazine, the star said: “I’m not very high risk, I’m just high risk because of my rheumatoid arthritis. But I don’t think they wanted to risk it so they’d already written me out.”

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