Employed at Kotla die Bookmaker cleaning staff to do “pitch siding” in the meantime one IPL 2021 game: BCCI ACU chief

The new Modus operandi was observed during one of the IPL games in New Delhi, where there was a designated cleaner using die Time delay between actual match Action and live TV coverage to help in ball-by-ball Bet that is also known as yard siding or pitch siding. That’s pitch siding practice of Send information from sport events for the purpose of Gambling or directly Place bets.

“One of My ACU officers captured and handed over a person over die Details on the Delhi Police. While this particular culprit managed to escape behind his two mobile Phones filed a complaint with ACU with die Delhi Police, “Hussain, a former DG of Gujarat Police, said PTI on Wednesday.

“We are grateful to the Delhi police for that in In another incident, they caught two other people from the Kotla on ACU tipoff. “

Delhi police arrested two people with fake accreditation cards during the IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and SunRisers Hyderabad on 2.May. “So on two separate days, this one people made access to Kotla. The one who fled came in the robe of a cleaner. However, we have all of his details when he was employed for the tournament. His Aadhar card details were handed over over to the Delhi police, “said Hussain.

“I am confident that he will be caught in a day or two. He is a small fry work for a few of maybe a hundred or a few thousand dollars, “said the ACU Colonel. But he agreed that the lower rung staff could since then be employed by a larger syndicate because of There is no COVID-19 access to hotels in view of the bio-safe measures.

“… when situations and circumstances change, the modus operandi also changes of crime. But we are up for it, “said Hussain. So how Have the cleaning staff got under the ACU’s radar?

“He stood (in the premises of Feroz Shah Kotla) in a remote one area all alone and so one of Our officers approached and asked him, “What are you doing here?” “He said,” main apne girlfriend se baat kar raha hoon. (I’m talking to my girlfriend).

“My officer bat him then die To dial the number he spoke to and bat him then to hand them over over die Telephones. Just as he was going through the contents of The man fled the spot with his cell phone, “revealed Hussain, but did not divulge anything in the meantime match the incident.

What was more What was interesting was that he was wearing die IPL accreditation card which all Class IV employees will be given during the tournament from bus driversan cleaners, porters etc. “It was one of the evening matches in Delhi. He was wearing an I-card. The suspicion was also that he had two cell phones, “he said.

“The information he could deliver, could be to someone more Influence among the bookmakers and so we had to die Inform Delhi Police. The Delhi police responded positively and with it next Instance two people were arrested.”

Hussain also confirmed that die ACU has not received a complaint of being corrupt approaches made to players or support Employees involved in IPL during the 29 games that were held.

“Obviously with Bio bubble and no crowd, it will certainly be a bit easier to manage as there are no physical ones proximity of ((face to face To meet with players) questionable characters. When there is a lot it becomes difficult to verify anyone and all, “said Hussain.

He also said that during the Mumbai leg the hotel in what Sunrisers Hyderabad team I had three people with questionable past record and their names were there in die ACU database. However, they couldn’t come in Contact with the players.

“The moment we had information, we have in touch with Mumbai Police. The police superintendent of Mumbai took Immediate notice and die Mumbai police have been detained of these three, “he added.

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