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Employees are not allowed in Elon Musk closes all Twitter offices until Monday

Business Insider reported on Friday that Twitter closed all of its offices and barred employees from entering until next Monday, at the behest of owner Elon Musk.

Company officials told employees that all buildings are temporarily closed and entry is prohibited for all employees, and offices are expected to reopen on Monday.

The site emphasized that the reason for the closure was the fears of the new owner of the company, about the possibility of internal sabotage and unrest.

According to the site webTwitter’s offices were abruptly shut down on Thursday as hundreds of employees refused to continue working under Musk’s new vision for the platform social.

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Musk has offered company employees a choice between committing to work long hours or losing their jobs, according to an internal memo released Thursday by the media Americans.

Musk has been criticized for sweeping changes to the company, which he bought for $44 billion last month.

Musk laid off 50% of 7,500 employees and rescinded a domestic policy that allowed working from home and mandated long working hours.

Employees were asked to enter a link to confirm their commitment to the “new Twitter” by 5:00pm Thursday New York time (10:00am GMT).

The memorandum stated: “If they do not enter the link, they will automatically lose their jobs and receive 3 months’ salary as their end-of-service compensation.”

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