Employees in Washington State union reached provisional agreement with stands over COVID vaccine mandate

The agreement would protect workers who are still looking for exemptions and employees who to be in the process of being vaccinated to lose their job on Oct 18

OLYMPIA, Washington—The Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) reached a preliminary agreement with the state over Government Jay Inslee’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate.

the WFSE, die Representing 47,000 state employees, previously filed a lawsuit asking a judge to stop the mandate in to feed effect on September 3 after the union and the state failed to reach a negotiation agreement over the exemption process.

The agreement, announced Saturday, would workers die seek exemption, protect against losing their job on October 18, that’s the deadline set for state, health care and K-12 workers are fully vaccinated.

If the agreement is ratified by members, employees who submitting their waiver requests before September 13 will incur no loss in pay if their requests are still being reviewed before the vaccination deadline.

Staff members who an exemption request can be rejected up up to 45 days of leave in order to complete their vaccination series. Staff members who have their first late shot and will not be fully vaccinated in time for the deadline will also allowed to take up up to 30 days of leave without pay in to be fully vaccinated, but must do so before November 17.

Staff members who plan to by the end met to retire of the year shall in be able to take a combination of annual leave and unpaid leave until their retirement date if they choose not to be vaccinated.

The agreement also gives state employees an extra personal day as a vaccination incentive, clarifies confidentiality rules on exemptions and obliges employers to compensate employees for mandatory COVID-19 testing. Staff members who to be made in quarantine until they get their result back are reimbursed for their leave if the test comes back negative.

Inslees office said “confirm” the agreement[s] the necessities for state employees who are not covered by a recognized exemption to be vaccinated on October 18. Both sides worked on terms until ensure employees get the right support and resources to meet this deadline.”

“The goal throughout the implementation is to achieve increased vaccinations across our workforce,” Inslee’s office said. “We are confident that through our negotiation efforts and ongoing partnership forward, we’ve clarified issues to: help get employees on the path on the road to vaccination and ultimately ensuring for safer workplaces.”

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