Encanto delivers praise to Frozen in the best imaginable way

At Disney Encanto, while it’s heartbreaking to see Mirabel struggle to live up to her family’s expectations if there is no magic gift, you need to empathize with Bruno John Leguizamo her indispensable uncle who went down in Madrigal the family. But in the end, as Bruno reunites with his loved ones, Encanto pays tribute to yet another Studio Frozen victory in the best possible way.

Bruno has been hiding inside the walls of his house for years, which has led the family to believe he is isolated in a tower. Mirabel realizes that the house’s magic is falling apart. Eventually, her journey goes to her rickety old bedroom, where Bruno admits to having seen her with a vision at the source of La Casita.

This convinces Mirabel to solve the problem, and she eventually realizes that her grandmother, Alma, has to sort things out. Alma was less focused on her family and more on her strength, so she did not fight much when Bruno ran away. Fortunately, the two women close the separation and bring the magic back to their forest fence. Mirabel learns to accept that “normality” is not an issue. Alma realizes that the miracle is that her family survived the fall of the refugees and did not. Necessarily closed are their powers. Garden.

As the rest of the family reunites, Bruno also returns, hoping that his twin sisters – especially Pepa, who may be controlling the time – will not get mad at him. She was angry at Bruno for predicting problems on her wedding day, raining on Pepa. She has since been haunted by a dark cloud that regularly loses control of its emotions and causes small storms. Bruno, however, decides to persuade Pepa through her version of “Let It Go,” which sings Queen Elsa’s harmonious and melodic Song in Frozen to show how liberated she was.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez’s team performed aria, whose music and lyrics were sung by actress Elsa Idina Menzel herself, one of the most popular songs in popular culture. “Let It Go” was a commercial success and was the first song in a Disney animated work to reach the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1995 with “Colors of the Wind” by Vanessa L. Williams of Pocahontas. “Let It Go” won the 2013 Oscar and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and Grammy on an excellent song written for visual media.

But Bruno puts his twist in Encanto, mixes forgiveness for his clumsy brother, and says to Pepa in a proverb: ” . rain or snow, let it go!” Bruno misses this remix a bit, which is more than enough to make Pepa laugh and kiss her again. Interestingly, Pepa missed him so much that he would never run away, which made Bruno fall in love with him when he touched the family because they never knew he had such a talent for singing.

Watch Bruno pay tribute to Frozen in a moving scene in Encanto that is now in theaters.