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“Encourages the use of force” . a step in Turkey against a new security circular

Two days ago it was die Turkish Public Security Directorate sharply criticized for issuing a circular in which prevented police and security guards from taking pictures and video clips while they were working, which led to widespread controversy in the country as the bar association The Association in Ankara issued a statement in who refused this circular. As well die Democracy and Construction Party led by Ali Babacan, a former ally of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Directorate’s circular, die affiliated with the Turkish Ministry of the Interior, stipulated that no pictures and video clips may be taken with telephones and other electronic devices for police and security personnel during demonstrations and protests or in public places and other places where they are located die Performance of their work.

The Turkish Bar Association was of the opinion that “this circular gives police and security officers more leeway for die Use of force as it can torture people and prevent others from documenting their violations after everyone is allowed to photograph police officers everywhere. “Documents, die burden them.

The Turkish Public Security Directorate’s circular follows a series of videos of police officers, die have hit strangers and die on social media websites and in media related to opposition parties were widespread.

A source in the Turkish Bar Association admitted to Al-Arabiya.net known that die Union intends to take legal action against die Submit the Public Security Directorate to interrupt the path to the circular, in the die Union “encouragement for die Exercise of “finds violence in secret” and a “blatant violation of human rights”.

So far has die main opposition party, die Republican People’s Party, no statement issued on this controversial circular, and die pro-Kurdish HDP has not commented on it, although on April 29, according to the Interior Ministry in It came into force approved.

The new circular, sent to the Ministry of Interior by the Public Security Directorate on April 27, bans journalists, police and security personnel from filming during protests and when MPs or mayors are detained.

At the beginning of April, a video that Umar Gergerlioglu, a member of the Turkish parliament for, was broadcast on the communications website die “People’s Democratic Party”, while police arrested him barefoot at dawn about two weeks after his parliament was lifted, showed immunity.

His son Salih Jarjirlioglu was writing at the time in a tweet on his Twitter account: “They came to arrest my father and they didn’t even allow him to wear his shoes before they took him.”

The Turkish police usually resort to violence in order to die To disperse protesters, especially those who die Oppose the ruling Justice and Development Party led by Erdogan.

Turkish courts previously charged journalists with die Taking photos of police officers torturing civilians in public places.

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