Energy Minister of Tunisia: The Ukrainian crisis caused budget losses of 1.31 billion dollars

Today, Thursday, Tunisian Minister of Energy and Industry Naila Nouira told the official news agency that Tunisia is facing budget losses of about four billion dinars ($ 1.31 billion) due to the impact of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis on the energy sector, the main hit.

He added that there is also pressure on grain and fertilizer purchases.

On April 14, an official from the Tunisian Ministry of Energy said that questTunisia will increase fuel prices locally every month by no less than 3%, which means an increase of at least 30% by the end of 2022.

Tunisia raised its fuel price by 5% on April 13, the third increase of its kind questyear, due to the sharp rise in the price of oil, with the aim of reducing its budget deficit. Reducing fuel subsidies is a major reform demanded by lenders.

Afif Al-Mabrouki, director of fuel distribution at the Ministry of Energy, said the budget law approved a 3% per month increase quest’year.

On Thursday, the Tunisian general labor union warned that the country was “on the verge of an economic catastrophe”, calling on the government to engage in social dialogue.

The Federation, which is the largest trade union rally, he said in a press release in occasion of the commemoration of International Labor Day, in correspondence of 1 May of each year, that “the country is living on the brink of an economic disaster for which it has found no solution other than religion and burdening people with taxes, high prices and frozen wages”.

He said this “linked our economy to externally dictated options and closed the door to internal suggestions that would save the country from bankruptcy.”

He stressed the need to raise “the minimum wage (currently it is around 134 dollars) and to start a new round of social negotiations to raise the salaries of civil servants”.

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