Energy Minister: The world cannot endure two weeks without Saudi oil exports

Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said the world cannot endure two or three weeks without Saudi oil exports.

In his speech at the International Cyber ​​Security Forum in Riyadh today Wednesday, the minister added that Saudi Arabia’s activation of contingency plans has helped save the situation so far.

He continued: “We must always be careful … Things shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

The minister explained that the energy sector is the one most affected by cyber attacks, noting that among the concerns there is that the threats may be for geopolitical reasons, for ransom, money or for reasons related to beliefs.

The Energy Minister stressed the importance of the world coming together to tackle cyber attacks and threats, as well as confronting hackers and attackers, explaining that without sharing knowledge and information and developing skills, working on this will not work.

He noted that Saudi Arabia ranked second in the Cyber ​​Attack Response Ranking with regards to measures in act, stressing that, despite this degree, “we should not pay attention to the matter … because we could lose our vigilance”.

Prince Abdulaziz said: “We are now recovering very quickly from cyber attacks that come without warning or knowledge of their source.”

The minister believes that the cyber attacks on Aramco in 2012, as well as the missile attack in 2014, had the same effect.

The minister said cyber attacks are used as a weapon and don’t need armies or drones, but they have a big impact.

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