England beat Germany to win Women’s Euro 2022 for the first time

LONDON: England have become the latest addition to the list of teams that have won the European women’s football championship, having won the title for the first time in its history, following a 2-1 win over Germany today. Sunday, in the final match of the continental competition. The original half ended in a 1-1 draw when England scored with Ella Tone in the 62nd minute, but Germany drew in the 79th minute with Lena Magul. After the original half ended in a 1-1 draw, the two teams resorted to an additional half hour split evenly. in two times, to resolve the issues. The English team managed to crown the title during extra time, after Chloe Kelly scored the second goal for the hosts, while the German team was not in able to equalize in the remaining minutes and push the game to penalties. England ended the misfortune that plagued them in the tournament after losing in two occasions the final of the continental competition, the first in the 1984 edition against Sweden, while the other against the same German team in the 2009 edition, where he received a serious defeat for 2/6 against the team (machines) in the tournament hosted by Finland. With this victory, the England women returned a smile to the English fans, very disappointed, after the England men lost last year the final of the last tournament (Euro 2020) against Italy on penalties. The English team also denied Germany the record of the tournament’s most successful team, as its tally remained at 8 titles, knowing this was the first final that German women lost in the European Women’s Nations. (Dpa)