England could start Verification social media history of future players after the Ollie Robinson fiasco: Thorpe

The 27-year-old Robinson, who made his test debut against New Zealand on Wednesday (June 2nd) was involved in Controversy, as a string of sexist and racist messages, die he posted on Twitter originated from 2012-13 over social media.

Leave a Comment on the issuesaid Thorpe more Effort would be made when inspecting a player’s social media history in future to avoid such controversy.

“It’s clearly something that maybe need so be looked at that one day like yesterday does not happen “, Thorpe was quoted by the” BBC “.

Robinson has since apologized for die Contributions, die he wrote as a teenager.

“Me are die embarrassing racist and sexist tweets, die I posted over eight years ago die have become today public.

“I want to make it clear that I am not racist and not sexist. I deeply regret my actions and I am ashamed of them of make such remarks, “said Robinson.

Thorpe added this speedster knows of his mistake and has also he apologized in the changing room.

“In our changing room we had to support him. It was a hard day for he yesterday. He had to apologize to the locker room and to the world. From that perspective it was a lot hard for he, but he knows it is him made a mistake”Said Thorpe.

Robinson selected up four wickets in the first innings against New Zealand, 75 runs in 28 over.

“Whatever he’s done, it’s still not easy to go back out and perform. He showed good Character and he had to be resilient. We were really happy. His level of performance was exceptional, “said Thorpe.

The England and Wales Cricket Board is investigating Robinson’s actions.

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