England fans display i media Westerners and claim that the truth in Qatar is different from what they had heard before the World Cup

Doha – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: the British fans have arrived in Qatar, in coinciding with the World Cup organized for the first time in an Arab country, they criticized i media Westerners who have provided them with information false. Many have confirmed that they have discovered a completely different reality from the image drawn by media Westerners and by the various parties, who painted Qatar as a place to be boycotted. During the tours of “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” in different regions of Qatar, I felt the surprise of fans from western countries, in particularly from Great Britain, Germany, France and Denmark, because they were concerned about the situation. All indicated that they discovered the reality and truth of the matter for themselves upon their arrival at Hamad International Airport, with the warm welcome enjoyed by Qatari guests from all destinations. Peter, a British citizen who lives in north London, revealed that he was surprised when he toured the regions and neighborhoods of Qatar, and was overcome with mixed feelings as he was accused of pictures written by the institutions of the media that he was following. Kelly, who was accompanied by her son, said she almost boycotted the World Cup tournament at the last minute because of the cheering she saw against Qatar, but she ultimately decided to go. in Qatar and verifying the situation herself, to indicate that she was shocked by the reality other than the image that was in her mind. Comments from foreign fans were published on various pages who confirmed that they found Qatar different from the image they had drawn in their minds. #Eng fans on the terrain in #Qatar discovering that things aren’t all negative and negative as the press tells them out be pic.twitter.com/5ldBSt2ark — Dr Andreas Krieg (@andreas_krieg) November 20, 2022 hospitality. A recent poll by German company Statista revealed that just 4% of England fans said they would not watch the World Cup in Qatar, in response to some calls to boycott the world football event. Some fans have even posted videos tracking their experience in Qatar, were shocked by the difference between the previous image and the reality and expressed their feelings of hospitality. Many have confirmed that the Qatar World Cup is one of the best editions of the World Cup. photo.twitter.com/5j7IUnSmwx — Alex Sullivan (@digitlprofiting) 20 November 2022 England fans have launched a scathing attack on the UK’s BBC, over what they described as poor coverage of the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony, and some have described the channel’s behavior as “racist”. British viewers have criticized Gary Lineker, presenter of the sports program ‘Match of the Day”, and former player and broadcaster Alex Scott as well as the team of the channel’s sports commentary in Qatar, accusing them of “hypocrisy”. Among those who have criticized the team of the BBC was commentator and broadcaster, Piers Morgan, who tweeted to his followers saying that broadcasters were offering frivolous moral lectures, “they were flagrantly disrespectful to Qatar, and that the BBC did not broadcast the opening ceremony of the World Cup.” Instead, they gave frivolous moral lessons, how terrible. He added, “They should have gone back and brought in their army of employees if they were terrified, and they would have spared us this strange hypocrisy.” The Daily Mail newspaper stated, in a report prepared by Elizabeth Hague, that viewers were angry at BBC sports commentators for trying to divert attention from the World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar, focusing on human rights and violating the rights of expatriate and gay workers.