England vs New Zealand, 1st test: Everything went a little docile in the end: Kane Williamson

The English skipper Joe Root and Dominic Sibley helped the hosts walk path with a draw in the first Test after New Zealand declares its innings.

“As we know in exam cricket you have your ebb and flow, but you come in Day five and have a little of work do in this morning session to give ourselves chance, I thought that guys played super cricket continuously until give us this potential opportunity, “said Williamson.

“Unfortunately it shouldn’t be today, I’m losing a day weather Not help the cause but I thought, die Efforts were certainly there, “he said added.

New Zealand scored some quickfire runs on the fifth day to put up a decent one total for England, said Williamson, die Kiwis expected die wicket worsen, but die Sort pitch of flattened out on the final Day of the opening test.

“We made the decision based on what gave us possibly die best chance to win the game, or enough overs to die wickets. We knew losing a day would be tough, but we did wanted to give it’s a crack, “said Williamson.

“Unfortunately everything fell into place towards the end out a bit, we expected the place to deteriorate a bit more and it has show character on Day four in in particular that that would happen, but it kind of is of flattened out, “He added.

Williamson made it clear that New Zealand was looking for for a win but “it became quite docile” in the final two sessions of the first Exam. “We have declared for a reason and that was trying and pushing for a victory. Although it seemed unlikely for a period if one spun out of the rough or you could open it up an end then could die Things are going reasonably quickly, “said Williamson.

“We stopped on to this hope for as long as we could. But obviously it got pretty docile out there, “he added.

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