England vs New Zealand 1st test: Hunt for 270 was not realistic: Joe Root

Root and Dominic Sibley helped England walk path with a tie at Lord’s Cricket Ground on Sunday (June 6th). Root defended England’s approach, saying it was hard to score over three runs Per over on an “absolute” best” wicket.

“Have played on The wicket for For a few days we knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as it looked, ”said Root run rate throughout game, it was hard to score over three at over even if the pitch was absolute best. We wanted lie down foundation But as soon as we die Have initial behind us phase, it just not felt like there was a realistic possibility for us to win the game, “He added.

Root said England wanted be a bit more disciplined in you batting have been bundled out for 275 in the first innings.

“Well, it was about using it as an opportunity to be a bit more disciplined like batting group. At the times in the first innings we showed a bit of sick discipline. This was a chance to get that right and take a little of Trust goes in the rest of the series”Said Root.

England and New Zealand will be next Locking horns in the second Test from Thursday (June 10th) and Root said die Hosts have a very good chance to win the series.

“The last two times we have played in New Zealand, we got hammered in the first game and quite a bit out the series,” he said.

“But after Edgbaston, this one series is very much alive. We have a chance to win it and we can take a great deal of trust from some good Individual services in these game, “Root added.

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