English batsmen are frankly not good enough in Indian conditions, says Andrew Strauss

England’s batsmen did a terrible job on Thursday (March 4th) to give India the momentum, with Axar Patel and Ravichandran Ashwin in charge on the test opening day.

After five innings, England topped the 200-run mark with a total of 205 in 75.5 overs before being knocked out.

“Let’s not hide from the truth. England’s eyelash is honestly not good enough under these conditions,” Strauss was quoted by Channel 4 as saying.

“You can talk about the field and the ball and everything else, but you have to find a way to get those first innings runs and they have very few to play with.”

A former left-hander, 44-year-old Strauss feels that English batsmen are losing the fight on their minds as they made the same mistakes they made in the last two friendlies.

“It’s hardly believable,” he said.

“England are making the same mistakes they have made throughout the series. The non-spinning ball did not pulse them.”

England follows the four-game series 1-2.

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