English league: abolition of kneeling before each match

LONDON: Premier League players will not kneel before every game next season, with the anti-racism gesture limited to specific matches, the Premier League said Wednesday. “We have decided to choose important moments to kneel during the season to highlight our unity against all forms of racism, and in doing so we continue to show our solidarity for a common cause”, reads in a statement from the team leaders. published on the official website of the League. The league said it supports the leaders’ decision and will raise the level of anti-racism messages as part of its “No Place for Racism, “a phrase that appears on the sleeves of players. English Premier League players have begun kneeling on one knee before each game since June 2020, when the season resumed after a nearly three-month hiatus due to the pandemic of Covid, a month after black American citizen George Floyd was suffocated by a white policeman in the United States. And Colin Kaepernick, a former San Francisco American Football Club player, began the gesture after kneeling on one knee during the national anthem in 2016 to call on his country to protect Americans’ rights from police violence. in particular of blacks, and has become a common sight in many sports since Floyd’s murder. . But many English Premier League players, including those who have been subjected to racist abuse, have said the gesture is losing its effects and some right-wing politicians in Britain criticized its association with the “Black Lives Matter” protest movement. In place of each match, the league players have in plan to kneel in the opening phase of the season this weekend, in view of the stages “No Place for Racism ” in October and March, as well as Boxing Day after Christmas, the last day. the season, before the FA Cup and League Cup Finals. (AFP)

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