English Premier League: Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave … But all roads lead to “Old Trafford”!

Tunisia – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: Cristiano Ronaldo and new Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag exchanged flowers at the beginning of last June, the Dutch manager said that Ronaldo is one of the best players he knew and would be happy to work with him, while Ronaldo said he believed the Dutchman was a coach. Ambitious and feels that United will return with him to win titles (without specifying any titles, meaning: Premier League and Champions League or FA Cup and Professionals Cup), but it’s only been four weeks before the star announced his willingness to leave United if “the right offer” arrived! What is this appropriate offer and who will come, and what changed the opinion of the “Don” in this period? It was rumored that United had signed Ronaldo when they didn’t need a striker and could drop him when he desperately needed a striker. It is strange that United during Ten Hag’s reign did not do a major job in the player market, as he is about to sign famous Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen after proving his recovery with Brentford, and has signed Dutch winger Malacia. . but he abandoned Pogba, Matic, Mata and Cavani, and many believe that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the Portuguese star. clubinstead of strengthening its ranks, it is time in a position that does not qualify him to compete for local titles, not even for the Europa League, which according to some would be a reasonable compensation for Ronaldo for the first absence in career from the Champions League, if you get it, and there are those who say that reducing the salaries of the Red Devils by 25% for not qualifying for the Champions League is another reason, given that the salary of the Portuguese star has dropped by about half million pounds a week to around 360,000, although some have underestimated its importance because it is unlikely that Ronaldo will receive more than his new salary in any club in where it goes! Trends of the Don When we look for the possible destination of the Portuguese Don, we find more than one question. The first is Bayern Munich, especially after Lewandowski’s farewell, to form Cristiano a strong duo with Mane and also with Muller and Sani, which brings him back a strong candidate for the Champions League, but the managing director of Bayern and former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn ruled out the deal, saying: “There is no doubt that Ronaldo is one of the greatest players in the world and we have great respect for him. But hiring him is not in in line with the philosophy of club. Another possibility that has been raised is a return in Italy from the gates of Napoli, but it is an unlikely deal because the financial capacity is not available to cover the salary of the Portuguese champion since club Italian from southern Italy. As for the third possibility, it seems the most unlikely, namely Barcelona, ​​where it was reported that a meeting took place in Barcelona between Jorge Mendes, Cristiano’s corporate executive, and Laporta, president of the club Catalan, but it seems an unlikely deal because it would be considered a great betrayal of Ronaldo against Real Madrid, the club with which the Portuguese champion has known his greatest successes and the best years of his career! The fourth and closest chance remains London’s Chelsea, where its new American billionaire owner Ted Boley has flown in Portugal to meet Mendes in thanks to Ronaldo, and after the contract with Sterling, Boley’s intentions are clear to continue the successes of former Russian owner Abramovich, first and foremost being the competition for local and European titles, which is in line with Ronaldo’s ambitions. The financial aspect does not seem at all to hinder the completion of such a deal and Lukaku’s farewell increases the need for a man with Ronaldo’s experience and skills offensive that exceed those available to the rest of the first line of club Londoner. It does not seem that it is in England, and not in Manchester, where United’s rejected rival, poses a mental or psychological problem for the best scorer in European history, but it remains a complex that needs to be resolved to bring this deal to a close, which are the manager’s ideas. Thomas Tuchel, his style of play and their suitability for Cristiano, and harmony will be realized.Chemical required between the German coach and the Portuguese scorer! In short, the situation currently looks as follows, especially after Ronaldo missed United’s away game in Thailand on its summer tour, either joins Chelsea or returns to United, and it could follow in Australia, where the second half of his preparatory tour, e in both cases the Ten Hag manager and the United management appear to be in a state of confusion, after the matter is out of their hands, in waiting for the results of the next few days, which will answer all questions in suspended!