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Equipping US Military Destroyers with Hypersonic Missiles

Naval News reported that the US is working on a project to equip Zumwalt destroyers with hypersonic missiles.

The US Navy has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin to supply Zumwalt destroyers with C-HGB hypersonic missiles, and if the deal goes through, the project could cost up to $2 billion.

C-HGB missiles are being developed with the participation of specialists from the US Army and Navy, as part of the CPS-(Conventional Prompt Strike) program. According to available information, the new missile will consist of two stages and will have a diameter of 87.6 cm. it to a speed exceeding the speed of sound, and then the warhead will separate from the carrier body and head towards its target.

Lockheed Martin is working on ground-launched examples of these missiles that can hit their targets up to 2,776 km away, and the speed of these missiles should reach Mach 17 (20,826 km/h), and the first test of these missiles is expected will take place in 2023.

Under new contracts signed by the company with the US Navy, it will have to equip US warships with launch platforms for these missiles, and then provide technical support for these platforms.

Source: Weapons of Russia


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