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Erase Unwanted Memories with Google’s Magic Eraser for Android and iPhone

Google announced on Thursday that it will be rolling out its ‘magic eraser’ feature, as well as a set of photo-editing tools available for free within the Google Photos app for all Pixel phone users, while Google One subscribers will be able to use these tools on other phones operating on Android and iOS systems, after being available exclusively to Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 phone users.

The Magic Eraser tool allows users to remove unwanted elements from images, such as strangers appearing in the background of images, power lines, or anything else that might affect the aesthetics of the image, in when user can click on the unwanted item or draw a circle around it to delete it From the image, in so that the AI ​​in the application restores the wallpaper to restore its missing parts.

The “magic eraser” also provides another feature which is camouflage, which is similar to an eraser, except that it is intended for the elements in foreground of the image that are difficult to eliminate without distorting the image. In this case, the tool adjusts the colors of the requested element to give it a washed out color similar to the surrounding colors, which reduces its prominence within the image.

In addition, Google offers the video enhancement function through the HDR effect to increase the brightness and color contrast in the video, which offers more homogeneous colors that greatly improve the image quality.

The application also provides Google One subscribers with new exclusive photo collage templates that the user can choose when creating a new collage.

Interestingly, Google’s announcement comes amid other updates the company rolled out to a handful of its services, including YouTube’s support for video clip dubbing, the launch of the in-app podcast service (YouTube Music), the update of the Google smart TV platform, Google TV and the release of new functions for the Google Docs service.


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