Erdogan: Turkey and America must put differences aside and move forward

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that die Turkey and die US need to put differences aside and move forward.

The Turkish President announced that he will be with his American counterpart Joe Biden during the summit that will bring them together tomorrow, Monday, die Turkey’s role in the program to manufacture the F-35 fighter jets will be discussed, from which Washington excluded Ankara after purchasing the Russian S-400 system in 2019.

Erdogan: Turkey and America must put differences aside and move forward

F-35 fighters

The meeting will also deal with what Erdogan calls “die unfulfilled American promises ” in Referring to alternative US Patriot missiles designated.

Ahead of his trip to Brussels for a NATO summit and his first meeting with Biden since last year’s US elections, Erdogan told reporters, “I will tell Biden about Turkey’s discomfort die To convey recognition of the Armenian genocide. “

President Biden and Erdogan have known each other for years, but their Monday meeting will be their first as president. This comes at a particularly tense moment for die Relations between the two countries.

The list of differences is for die for both NATO allies for an unusually long time: there is US support for Kurdish fighters in Syria as well as the purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system die Turkey. Biden also angered Ankara last April by stating, die Mass killing and mass deportation of Armenians in the Ottoman era is a “genocide”.

For his part, Erdogan recently weakened his anti-Western rhetoric as his government ran through die Coronavirus pandemic worsening economic downturn.

Biden has die personal relationships, die he in the fast 50 years to become world leaders, often referred to as a factor that makes him in uniquely equipped to revive the US reputation after the presidency of Donald Trump.

Previous meeting between Biden and Erdogan in Washington in 2016

Previous meeting between Biden and Erdogan in Washington in 2016

Over the past few days, he’s been telling his staff that he’s built a strong relationship with Erdogan over the years, according to a senior administration official who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

And in 2014, while serving as Vice President at Erdogan, Biden apologized after serving in had indicated in a letter that die Turkey facilitated the rise of ISIS by allowing foreign fighters to die to cross the Turkish border with Syria.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden angered Turkish officials after interviewing the New York Times, in whom he called Erdogan a “tyrant”.

After taking office, Biden waited three months before calling Erdogan, which in Turkey was widely viewed as contempt. They spoke for the first time after the election when Biden called to tell Erdogan about the declaration of the “genocide” against the Armenians.

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