Erdogan’s allegations over die Official statement … Turkish analyst: How do retirees lead a coup ?!

The Turkish government and its opponents continue to react die Explanation, die he signed a few days ago. Dozens of retired officers in the Turkish Navy Who criticizes “Istanbul Canal” water project What Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says, despite widespread criticism, die mostly on die Environment and die related enormous financial costs of the broadcaster, further established.

Amin Chapa, a well-known political analyst and journalist who works for opposition television broadcaster Halk, said: “The statement by the Navy Admirals cannot be described as an attempted coup.” Most of the signatories are retirees and the elderly die cannot leave their homes due to coronavirus restrictions because their age is between seventy and eighty. “

The Turkish political analyst added added and asked: “How do these retirees become in a coup against this age and basically unarmed die Run government? “

Some of the signatories of the declaration supported President Erdogan and die Idea of ​​the blue homeland, and therefore it was ruled out that they had a goal or pursued a military coup.

Amin Chapa

He continued, “What happened could have been viewed as an actual coup attempt, if die Admirals were at work and there were those die carried out their orders within the military establishment. “Government is not possible at this time.”

In this context, he said: “The structure of the Turkish armed forces changed after the attempted coup in mid-2016. Today there are 26,000 Turkish army officers, but 16,000 were recruited after the attempted coup “Justice and Development”, the ruler led by Erdogan, to later pave the way for a military rebellion against his rule, as the Turkish analyst put it.

The Turkish analyst justified the exclusion of the “coup” hypothesis on the grounds that “in in Turkish history, retired officials never opposed a coup die Government “.

He added that “some of the signatories of the declaration President Erdogan and die Supported the idea of ​​the blue homeland, and therefore ruled out that they had a goal or pursuit of a military coup, “and stressed that” they might have made this statement because it affects their area of ​​expertise, in particular because they might withdraw from Ankara objected to from the Montreux Agreement. “This is of great concern to die Regulation of shipping through die turkish street.

On Wednesday, Turkish Vice President Fuad Aktay threatened to take action against retired Turkish naval officers, die had made a collective statement signed by one hundred and three officers days ago. He did not rule out depriving them of their military ranks.

Aktay believed that “die recent statement by retired naval officers is a guardianship and a tentative notice of a possible coup “.

He also revealed that “all the details are being investigated about who (the officers) are communicating with, what they are going to do and how they are going to do it.”

The statement by the Turkish officers was not expressly supported by the Turkish opposition parties, however die “Republican People” and “Democratic Peoples” parties, die die Support Kurds, refused, die Authorities detained for ten officials during the signatory of the last statement die opposition nationalist party “Al-Khair” this statement as “nonsense” in described a situation die corresponds to the reactions of the government.

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