Erdogan’s government is pushing the construction of the Istanbul Canal . and die Opposition: an environmental disaster and a massacre

Ankara continues to bid for the construction of the Istanbul Water Canal, a huge low-cost project that raises concerns about its high cost, die the state budget in burden a time in of the die Turkey is under the weight of an economic crisis due to a shortage The crisis worsened with the collapse of the lira.

The project is also awakening die Fear of serious environmental damage, what die Government does not sponsor. The mega project is one of the projects die Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced 2011 as Prime Minister. These projects were by the opposition in Questioned and decidedly rejected, according to a report in the Turkish newspaper Ahwal.

And she was The Turkish opposition has spoken out vehemently against the projectThis indicates that a number of changes will occur, die the ecosystem and die threaten archaeological areas around the canal and that this can lead to these areas becoming isolated.

The Mayor of Istanbul, Akram Imamoglu (of the Republican People’s Party) previously Warning of the project He described it as “a disastrous event that will cause an environmental massacre”.

It is feared that Erdogan’s insistence on the implementation of the project despite its environmental risks and its very high costs die Turkey in major financial troubles as she struggles to get out of the current crisis with weak options.

It is believed that die Return to stimulating the Istanbul Water Canal Project under these circumstances for purely electoral reasons and in Implementation of President Erdogan’s ambitions, die above die go beyond the higher interests of the country.

The timing of the completion of the project will exacerbate Turkey’s financial imbalance while die Lira has experienced a wave of successive collapses alongside the high rate of inflation and the deterioration in purchasing power of the Turks.

Quoted on Sunday die Turkish State Agency Anadolu the Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adel Karah Ismailoglu that die Preparations for die Tendering for the construction of the Istanbul water canal to be continued and stressed die Importance of the channel for die Turkey will “make Istanbul a global trade center”.

The Turkish minister said the Istanbul Canal is “a project that die Turkey’s vision “and it was one of the largest projects in the world, indicating the completion of the architectural preparations for the project.

Turkey intends to build the Istanbul Water Canal on the European side of the city to ease pressure on the Bosphorus Canal, which creates traffic congestion for cargo ships.

According to the project plan, the Istanbul Canal will connect the Black Sea north of the city with the Marmara Sea in the south and the European part (of Istanbul) in split two parts, die form the eastern part The European section is an island in the middle in Asia and Europe.

Opponents of the Turkish President also say that die Drilling disturbs the cohesion of the soil on both sides of the canal and die Groundwater reserves will be threatened, which could lead to landslides and earthquakes.

A study carried out by the Turkish Haji Teba University had previously warned that in order to complete the project, forests in the north on the Black Sea coast would have to be cleared, which will lower the oxygen content in the water and increase the salinity in die Waters of the Sea of ​​Marmara flow.

She added that all of this would affect the balance of marine life and fill Istanbul’s air with the musty smell of water.

Local sources say the project is one hand die prices for die surrounding areas and that it would also lead to an increase in the population of overcrowded Istanbul, which is more than 16 million people.

According to the sources, it must die Turkey investment in Around $ 700 billion in die Infrastructure and $ 400 billion in urban projects pump to die To realize mega-projects, die Erdogan has announced, as part of the plan’s goals for 2023, what a great burden for die City represents die ailing Turkish economy.

The opposition is asking about the source of funding for the Istanbul Canal as there is no clear vision from the government.

On the other hand argued die Government that die announced projects will provide tremendous annual revenue and new job opportunities for tens of thousands in the job market, and notes that their forecast is for die Income from the Istanbul Canal is estimated at $ 8 billion annually in traffic fees paid by ships.

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