Erdogan’s party is furious at a picture of the mayor of Istanbul … and his lawyers reveal die Details

The Mayor of Istanbul, Akram Imamoglu, who came from the main opposition party in Turkey is facing a new investigation amid allegations by the ruling Justice and Development Party under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of insulting an “Ottoman”. Sultan when he visited the Sultan’s mausoleum last year. Mehmed II, who is known under the title “The Conqueror”.

And action was taken A photo of Imamoglu, who is a member of the People’s Republican Party, becomes in extensively reported to the media affiliated with the ruling partyNext to that of his ally in financed the right-wing party “National Movement”, in which the Mayor of Istanbul occurs During his visit he lays die Hands behind the back The “Fatih” shrine, which Erdoan’s party found “offensive”, should be punished.

Two lawyers on the legal team, die For die Defense of Imamoglu in Dozens of lawsuits are responsible, die Filed by the ruling party in Turkish courts said: “The government wants the image of the mayor of Istanbul in Turkish society through such cases and investigations as die, die recently came to accuse him of insulting an Ottoman sultan.

Both lawyers added add that “die various lawsuits, die were brought against our client, and die Investigations, die carried out against him are malicious to undermine his growing popularity, but we will continue to defend him in Turkish courts. “

According to the two lawyers die Ruling party resorted to such lawsuits and investigations to reduce the “overconsciousness” imamoglu in the Turkish community is enjoying, especially after seeing it twice in a row in March and June 2019 die Local elections in Istanbul had won.

On Wednesday, Imamoglu believed that an investigation had taken place against him and his possible trial for insulting an Ottoman sultan “It’s funny and ridiculous.” At the same time, during a meeting with a number of journalists in Istanbul, according to the municipality’s website, die he leads.

وقال إمام أوغلو للصحافيين “نواجه أشياء مضحكة لكن يبدو أنها ستستمر” مضيفا: “لقد انفجرت أمتنا في الضحك وسخرت ممن اتخذوا هذا القرار” في إشارة منه لقرار وزارة الداخلية التركية القاضي بالتحقيق معه بشأن صورته التي ظهر فيها خلال زيارة ضريح “الفاتح ” last year.

A day earlier, Interior Ministry spokesman Ismail Chatakli announced that die Public prosecutor in Istanbul had opened an investigation into allegations that Imamoglu had insulted “Al-Fatih” without providing further details.

Although the image of Imamoglu, known for his harsh criticism of Erdogan, in the mausoleum of “Fatih” was the focus of the latest investigation die Prosecutors investigate another visit by the mayor of Istanbul to mayors of the pro-Kurdish “Democrats” People’s Party.

It appears that die Authorities are trying to put more pressure on Imamoglu, who in the upcoming presidential election, die slated for summer 2023, could be a rival of Erdogan’s before their due date.

Ever since the mayor of Istanbul won, Imamoglu has been under pressure from the government. Last year the Interior Ministry opened another investigation against him after he rejected the Istanbul Canal water project, which Erdogan said will lay the foundation next summer.

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