Erica Mena shares exciting images from the shooting of BET’s film “Sacrifice” in which she is also featured – Watch the videos

Erica Mena shared some pretty exciting footage from the shooting of the new BET film called Sacrifice. Erica introduced her character, Bella, to fans some time ago.

Just in case you don’t know, Erica will be in the same original BET movie titled “Sacrifice”.

Not so long ago, it was revealed that Jordyn Woods also had his very first lead role in a film in Sacrifice, and his fans could not be more proud of his achievement.

Check out his post on social media below.

‘Overview! Meet Bella in #Sacrifice from @PaulaPattonOfficial Streaming exclusively on @betplus NOW !!!! If you don’t have your subscription yet, it’s time to get it !!! @footagefilmsstudios writing directed and created by @ chrisstokes1969 @iamerica_mena @marqueshouston @footagefilmsstudios @bet @connieorlando @theericaash @juanantonio @vbozeman @cityofrome Watch now! and tell me what you think in the comments below, “Erica captioned her post.

One fan said, “Wow, you do your thing in all these movies. Go on! ????” and another commenter posted this: “Sayyyy what I said before, I was watching it now, I really have to tune my daughter E in there. “

One follower wrote: ‘I’m watching it now … like I said before Erica was so natural for you to act … it’s like second nature to you. .. your character Bella suits you well, especially on the set of the video scene… The film is cool!


Apart from that, Erica lives her best life after her marriage to Safaree. She is also waiting to meet their daughter, who is expected to be born soon.

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