Erica Mena wears a black velvet dress, showing her baby bump while slamming Donald Trump

Erica Mena celebrates the removal of President Donald Trump on social networks with an article that you can consult on his account on social networks. She also shared a photo in which she wears a black velvet dress, and she tells fans that she will kill the few remaining days until she gives birth.

Erica has been living her best life these days since she got pregnant and married the love of her life, Safaree.

People are still waiting to see images of the wedding, but this has not happened so far.

“I’m going to kill these next few weeks until the little girl is in my arms ???? dress: @prettylittlething” Erica captioned her photo.

Someone said, “Simply beautiful. You wear amazingly! Happy fits you! “And another follower posted this:” You make it look so easy ???? beautiful mom! I made it look like a horror movie. ???? »

One fan said, “Omg, I can’t wait to see what she looks like, I’m so excited.”

Here’s Erica’s shadow to Trump:

Someone commented, “Yes . but I don’t get charged, he was kicked out Impeached = charged Since he was charged (formally charged), he is now on trial. The trial takes place in the Senate. The majority of political power in the Senate is the Republicans. There is a judge for the trial, but if the Senate decides not to convict him, IT REMAINS! Unfortunately, they have already said that they are not removing it, the Leader of the Senate has already spoken. The trial has to take place officially, that’s all, and it will remain in office and take place again in 2020. ”


Fans debate the issue on Erica’s social media account.

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