Eritrean Foreign Minister accuses Washington of war in Tigray. to have ignited

Eritrea’s Secretary of State has US governments die die Tigray People’s Liberation Front in have supported the past 20 years for the current war in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray blamed.

In a letter circulating on Monday to the UN Security Council, Minister Othman Saleh accused President Joe Biden’s administration of “further conflict and destabilization through intervention and intimidation in to stir up the region “.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front led die Coalition, die Ethiopia fast ruled for three decades until Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came on in 2018 die Power came.

Leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front during a conference in January 2020 in of the region

Abi Ahmed prepared die Front line by trying to make peace with Eritrea, the country’s archenemy, and then sending troops in November last year in die Region.

It is estimated that thousands died in the war, leaving a third of the region’s six million residents.

Mentioned Saleh’s letter die Presence of Eritrean troops in Tigray did not, despite international calls for her to withdraw.

Witnesses, survivors, officials and helpers said Eritrean soldiers were seen far from the international border between the two countries, die sometimes wore Ethiopian army uniforms and die Main streets in Tigray controlled.

Destruction by die Fights in Tigray

Destruction by die Fights in Tigray

The Ethiopian government considered die Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front fighters as terrorists, die Abiy Ahmed’s authority in Asked question. But die recent atrocities seem die To have increased support for the front.

The Eritrean Foreign Minister accused the Tigray People’s Liberation Front of launching a disinformation campaign to hide its illegal plans to arm and overthrow Abi Ahmed’s government and called on the Security Council to “take appropriate measures to end this injustice” .

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that many areas in the Ethiopian region of Tigray are on the verge of famine.

The humanitarian coordinator of the United Nations warned on Friday of an impending famine in the besieged Tigray and spoke of “the danger of the death of hundreds of thousands or more”.

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